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Date: Nov. 09, 2016   By: Geoff in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tito is a very experienced and intuitive therapist. I told him exactly what was bothering me and he developed a session that addressed my pain points and made sure I left feeling better than when I arrived. My quads were particularly stressed from cycling and Tito used awesome massage techniques to help hrelieve the pain. He also used cupping which I feel completely transformed my muscles from fatigued and aching to strong and soothing.I have already scheduled a second appointment. I highly recommend Tito!!!!


I'm very happy to read that you got a lot of benefit out of the massage session. Deep tissue massage and cupping does great relieving pain, stagnated blood and toxins and more.
Thx :)


Date: Nov. 08, 2016   By: Gino in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Did not know who to contact for a massage and read Tito's profile. I read that he had won best LMT in 2013 and just recently Nov 2016 so I decided for Tito. No wonder he's won these awards he truly is the best. What the BEST massage?? Call Tito.


I'm very proud of my 2013 and 2016 accolades and I'm always their for my clients stress and muscle issues with the best deep tissue and cupping available, I guess when you enjoy your career it's easy to be #1


Date: Oct. 12, 2016   By: AgentBarry in Philadelphia, PA

Been coming to Tito for 4/5 years...every friend I have ever referred to him is still going to him.


Yes you have sent me many clients and I do appreciate that and your review. Thx


Date: Oct. 12, 2016   By: Phil in Dania Beach, FL

Outstanding massage techniques. The cupping completely removed my lower back pain. Tito is a real deal massage therapist with extensive knowledge and experience.


I'm very happy that cupping took care of your lower back pain. I've had great success with cupping and my clients love that results ... and so do I.


Date: Oct. 04, 2016   By: ERNESTO in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Experience on Tito's massage table was best ever. I would not bother to give a review to anyone because I'm to lazy but Tito deserves it. After 90 min massage I got up a bit dizzy but that was a good thing took a nap and was able sleep like a baby which is great because I had not been able to sleep well for quite while. Of course I'll be back to Tito next week. Thanks Tito


Happy to read you were able to get a good night sleep. Come back everyday if you like :) lol.


Date: Sept. 24, 2016   By: Yani in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I've been to Tito many times before and I love his massage style, deep tissue and cupping. He always includes stretching in his sessions which is great but this time I decided to go for his 30 min stretching for 60.00 and it was worth every penny. You will get muscles you didn't know you had stretched and you will feel like a new person. Give it a try.


Everybody loves stretching including me :)
I always include stretching in my massage sessions and very happy to offer a 30 min stretching session for those who only want to be stretched.


Date: Sept. 19, 2016   By: henry in Bayamón, PR

I will describe Tito as the best if your looking for Extra Deep Tissue. I enjoyed 100% his massage style and techniques and highly recommend Tito is your looking for a true skilled Massage Therapist that knows the body, is intuitive and enjoys his work. Why waste your time with someone who has not studied massage?


I could not have said it better...
Your right, people need to ask themself....Why waste my time with someone who has not gone to school and study massage???
You looking for a body rub???
or the real thing???
Your choice!


Date: Sept. 13, 2016   By: titi in Fort Lauderdale, FL

My experience with Tito has been great since day one. I would not go to anyone else since I had my first session with Tito many years ago. Besides a great deep tissue with his strong Puerto Rican hands he's a charm and a sexy guy :) nice muscles to look at :)


Thank you!!!!

I love the charm comment and the Puerto Rican hands lol Thks


Date: Sept. 12, 2016   By: Lego in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you want deep tissue Tito is your man. He's licensed and knows the body. With Tito it's not a body rub. If I want a body rub I'll have my bf massage me and I'll save some money lol


Thats right...
NOT A BODY RUB.....Gracias


Date: Sept. 08, 2016   By: Rigo in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been getting massages from Tito for almost 4 years and I will say like everyone else here has said, he is the be deep tissue therapist I have experienced. With that said good luck if you find someone better.


Yes, 4 years and you are one of my best loyal clients. Thx for the many years of support.


Date: Sept. 06, 2016   By: Zee in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I walked in and immediately felt at ease. I'll make this short. Tito has great strong hands and obviously went to a great school because he knows what he's doing. Best massage ever especially if you are into deep tissue and plenty stretching if so Tito should be your choice.


Quick and direct. I love it. Thanks for sending your neighbor over to see me. He made a appointment for next week and I'll see you next week :)



Date: Aug. 30, 2016   By: Kevin in Fort Lauderdale, FL

PROFESSIONAL. Just a wonderful massage. Tito asked questions up front: injuries, wounds etc. Went to work warming up the muscles, eased into a deep pressure massage. Discussed the cupping treatment, tried to give it a go. Not sure which worked, massage or cupping or a combination. I felt totally comfortable in Tito's hands. I can honestly say this was the best massage I've ever had. The price was right, heated table, nice ambience. Tito did a wonderful job of streching me out, really enjoyed that part! I can whole heartedly recommend Tito a true Professional!


It was a pleasure providing you with deep tissue and cupping during your session. I guess it doesn't matter which of the 2 got rid of your pain as long as pain is gone :) and like you shared it could be the combination of both.
See you soon :) Thx


Date: Aug. 23, 2016   By: GEORGE in Fort Lauderdale, FL

My partner just left a review and all I can say is that I agree with all that he says and more. Both Tito's deep tissue and cupping was great but I guess I got more out of the cupping because that really does help to loosen adhesion/knots that I've had for a long time and I can tell you cupping is the best for these painful back problems. I'll be seeing Tito every week now. He's worth it. I get better results with Tito then spending my money at Alibi's happy hour LOL and I spend less money :)


I'm very happy to read that you and your partner are happy with your massage sessions with Tito. I always hear my client say that it's hard to find a good therapist that delivers a good deep tissue massage. I'm very happy to be here for the gay community and I'm blessed to have their loyal support. My clients don't cheat on Tito lol, Lucky me :)


Date: Aug. 23, 2016   By: GEORGE in Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is my second massage with Tito. My first deep tissue with Tito was the greatest massage I've experienced so I decided buy a gift certificate for my partner and since he has been telling all his friends about Tito's masterful skills. He will be leaving a review after mine. On my second visit I requested Tito a combo of deep tissue and cupping and WOW I walked out of there feeling very light/relaxed and like a KING !
Cupping is the opposite of deep tissue instead of deep pressure/compression the cups create a vacuum and the cups pulls the skin of the patient and helps to alleviate,adhesion's, soreness and more. Love it so will you.


Great ! I hope both you and your partner share your experience of deep tissue and cupping. I would be nothing without my satisfied clients. You guys keep me going :) 

Thx and see soon.


Date: Aug. 19, 2016   By: JAVIER in Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is my 2nd massage by Tito and this time because of Michael Phelps I decided to have some cupping and I loved it. Not painful it actually felt great while I was on the table and better after I got off table. Just as good as Tito's great deep tissue. had the best night sleep in a long time.Next time soon I'll be wanting a full body cupping. Tito can do this without any marks left on body.


Yes because of Michael Phelps I've been getting lots of request for cupping and I'm the only therapist offering this magnificent pain healing technique on masseurfinder. Plz share your experience with your friends. See you at your next appointment next week and thx for sending your buddy Roger over to see me. :) He loved the massage session and made a appointment for next month :)


Date: Aug. 17, 2016   By: JOSE in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was on Wilton Drive with nothing to do and a bartender mentioned he had gotten a massage with Tito and guaranteed me I would enjoy a massage with Tito. He told me he has gotten many massages in Wilton Manors and not to waste my time with others so I said to myself "Hell Yea" . I googled "massagebytito" and there he was. He was great with his deep pressure, cupping and stretching. LOVED IT. I will be back soon now that I have found a great therapist at a great price.


Thx for all the above, it's a great review and I love it when bartenders, waiters, business owners and others recommend Tito, welcome to Tito's world :) 



Date: Aug. 12, 2016   By: WILLIAM in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had seen Tito before and this time I had a terrible lower back pain, neck/shoulder. After hearing about cupping done on Michael Phelps I decided to give it a try. If it's doing him good it should for me for sure i'm no athlete LOL. It was great no pain and Tito did it in a way that I was not marked and better than that pain was gone before I got off the table. Love that cupping and I slept like a baby that night. For sure I'll be back for more with or without pain because you don't have to be in pain for cupping its actually better than getting a massage. Tito did a full body cupping session and I loved it and will be back for more.


I'm very happy you decided to leave a review and your experience with cupping. That helps for others to learn the benefits of cupping. I'm the only therapist on masseurfinder providing this very unique and very well approved technique for pain relief in any part of the body. Se you again soon. Again Thx

Date: July 27, 2016   By: ANDRES in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Called Tito because of his great reviews. I'm very happy I did. I own a massage studio in San Francisco with 5 employees that have been with me for many years because they are good therapist and we all exchange massage for many years. I have to be honest and say that Tito is better than all five of them. I believe that being a Reiki practitioner and a very spiritual guy gives him a great advantage besides the true passion he has for his profession. Many others are there for a quick buck but not Tito. I let Tito know is he ever decides to move to San Francisco he already has a career opportunity at my spa. Check him out.


I might just take that offer sometime when I'm ready to make a move.
Thx for to wonderful review from another therapist. Love it !


Date: July 25, 2016   By: VICTOR in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I'm a long time client of Tito and he's the only one that gets rid of my shoulder/next stress issues. I decided to let him do cupping on this area and the results were even better. Cupping has been around for over 3,000 but Tito is the only one offering this safe unique technique at his location. Good for many other areas including back pain. Tito simply the best.


Yes, if more people knew about cupping they would be requesting cupping for all their pain/stress needs. I recommend all to google "benefits of massage" you will be surprised.


Date: July 13, 2016   By: EUGENIO in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Decided for Tito because of the great reviews and his 2013 award from Massage Institute. Glad I did. Went in for 1 hour and got 90 min instead. Lucky me he was able to massage me for 90 min. Like others have expressed in their reviews he's the best. Lo mejor !!


Please spread the word. Get me 3 new clients and you get a free massage :)

Thanks for your review !


Date: July 01, 2016   By: JW in San Francisco, CA

I received 2 massages from Tito during a 10 day vacation. I try to get monthly massages, so have lots of experience with massage. I like true deep tissue, therapeutic massage and Tito's first massage was all of that and more - simply amazing. My second massage approximately a week later was even better if that is possible! He is a very skilled, talented masseur and it is obvious that he truly cares for his clients' well-being. I only wish that I lived nearby, but I will arrange an appointment with Tito as soon as I have planned my next visit to Wilton Manors, and I am already looking forward to it! Tito is the best, and getting a massage from him is a pure delight!


Hey JW

Thx for your great review. I hope to see you soon. Was great meeting you and our conversation after massage.



Date: June 29, 2016   By: bostonsmooth in Philadelphia, PA

Tito was great! He was able to give an amazing deep tissue massage without it feeling overly "clinical." A high quality and professional massage. I've gotten massages all over from guys on this site, other sites, spas. cruise ships, etc. This massage with Tito definitely ranks in the top.


Great seeing you last week. I'm very happy you described the massage amazing and not "clinical". I'll be here waiting for your next visit. Thx


Date: June 25, 2016   By: Brian in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wow! I have had a lot of massages through the years but I think this was actually my FIRST massage. 

Tito definitely knows what he's doing and he gives you a complete full body massage. He massages and relaxes every part of y-our body. He even massages your stomach which he explains as the center of so many things including stress. 

The 90 minutes was well worth it and he even suggested cupping for the back pain I was having which he did and worked great. 

Most masseurs just get you on the table and are like a machine in the way they massage. You can tell from Tito's massage that he is so focused and determined to give each and every body part the best massage he can. I already saved his contact info in my phone for fast access to make my next appointment!


You just got massage a few hours ago :) and here is your review. Thx for the awesome and 3 paragraph review :) see you soon!


Date: June 24, 2016   By: ROSARIO in Fort Lauderdale, FL

My session with Tito was suppose to last 60 min I've been getting massages for many years and once on table and felt Tito's hands on my body I knew he was a good therapist. His deep tissue and cupping session got rid of my neck shoulder and lower/upper back pain. Lucky to have found him.



60 min normally becomes 90 min. 
Maybe it's because I love what I do :)



Date: June 16, 2016   By: EDDIE in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Called Tito and found out he doesn't do out calls and now I know why. He doesn't have to, when your the best in town. I got a great extra deep tissue massage, scalp and abdominal massage. Don't waste your time with 60 min just to try Tito go with the 90 min and the extra 20.00 for 30 min is very worth it.


Glad to read your review and very much happy you enjoyed and are recommending me to others. With Tito it's NOT a body rub you get. You get a true professional massage and walk out with a big smile. Thx


Date: June 08, 2016   By: George in Dedham, MA

It was a pleasure to get back to Wilton Manors and to have a 90 minute massage with Tito! His expert, professional technique always amazes me in comparison to other therapists I've been going to in my area. It is thorough, rejuvinating and leaves me looking forward to my next visit.


Hi George 
It's been great having you as a client for years and I'm happy that with your busy schedule you took time to leave me a review. See you soon ;)


Date: June 06, 2016   By: MASECO in Fort Lauderdale, FL

New in town and did not know who to go to. I read Tito's reviews and called Tito. No wonder he has such great reviews. Don't waste your time with others that say they are the best and never went to school. Want a great awesome experience ? Great massage and great stretching. Do what I did call Tito.


Thx you for taking your time and calling Tito. It was a pleasure meeting you and your buddy that later called because of your recommendation.Thx for telling everyone to call Tito :)


Date: June 01, 2016   By: Dimaso in Fort Lauderdale, FL

My partner just left a review for Tito and I decided to add that Tito is just as good providing an awesome Deep tissue/Extra deep tissue massage as with his stretching techniques, abdominal, scalp and buttocks massage. No wonder he's top rated.


Yes your partner just left a review and I appreciate having both scheduling a appointment with me and hope to see you guys pronto.


Date: June 01, 2016   By: Dimaso in Fort Lauderdale, FL

My partner and I are from out of town and we been traveling to So Florida for many years and we always get a massage as part of our vacation. Sad to say but good for Tito is that this is the first time we both really enjoyed the massage 100%. We both felt completely stress free and rejuvenated. We will be seeing Tito before our trip back home. That's how good he is. My partner enjoyed the deep tissue and I enjoyed the extra deep tissue. My partner will also be leaving a review for Tito.


I'm happy you both enjoyed a session with Tito and consider me the best. I do have a passion for my career and without that no way you can be a good therapist ,Gracias :)


Date: May 24, 2016   By: Dan in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Did not know who to have massage me and after I read some of Tito's many reviews I decided for Tito because I was not looking for a Body Rub. He has very strong hands and great energy. From now on I'm game with Tito.


Yes. Thx to my Masseurfinder clients I'm top rated on Masseurfinder Thx guys ☺️ for getting me there :)


Date: May 19, 2016   By: RAFA in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was her on vacation and wanted a massage. Saw that Tito is top rated on masseurfinder so I gave Tito a call. Best massage ever and Tito even spent plenty of time massaging my abdomen which felt great. It's an area that I had not experienced with other therapist and it felt so relaxing that I could have fallen asleep or did I?


You did lol

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been teaching for over 3000 years that the abdomen is the most important area to massage. Why?
-Most of our immune sytem is there.
-When we breath are diaphragm moves up and down giving movement to all vital organs including the heart. Which means extra massage/movement in abdominal area is good.

Its a straight world out there so schools in U.S.A. do not emphasize much in this area.

Welcome to "Massage by Tito"


Date: May 17, 2016   By: Carlos in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Great experience with Tito. He has skills I wish other therapist had. I'll be back for more of his deep tissue techniques. The cupping experience was also great. Got rid of my back and shoulder discomfort. Great job!!


Great to read you review I appreciate your review and hope to see you soon


Date: April 30, 2016   By: Geraldo in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Had a very bad neck/shoulder issue and Tito did some deep-tissue and what he calls cupping and by the time the session was over and I got up the pain around neck/shoulder was 95 % gone. Give Tito a visit he is well trained and knows what he is doing. Don't waste your time with others that only want your money.


Love it... lol.. ".They only want you money"

Thx for your review :)


Date: April 27, 2016   By: GEORGE in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I've had a therapist for many years and my partner would go to Tito.It was my birthday last week and my partner who always wanted me to try Tito gave me a 90 min gift certificate and WOW now I know why he's always bragging about Tito to me and other. Don't wait for your birthday lol go to Tito and I promise you will not regret it.



Now you can buy a gift certificate for all your best friends..LOL

See you next week THX


Date: April 14, 2016   By: brendo in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I decided to give Tito a shot and requested 60 min massage. As a LMT I know a good Deep Tissue therapist. I ended with a 90 min massage, What can I say?
He's the best after me :)
I wish I lived here :(
Gracias Tito



From one massage therapist to another I appreciate your review :)



Date: April 07, 2016   By: Donald in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Another great massage from Tito. He is very responsive to the degree of pressure you want. I wanted deep and he put the effort in to deliver. He combines stretching with massage and now adds cupping (if desired). The cupping was very effective on a hard to get at underlying muscle. Give him a try; you won't regret it.


Thx for the review and for mentioning Massage Cupping Therapy :)
Great combo...Deep Tissue, Stretching and Cupping :)


Date: April 06, 2016   By: JoseM in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I requested extra deep tissue and was very pleased with Tito. Most therapist say they will do deep tissue and they fail to deliver. I will be going back to Tito and so will you. The best, you will not be disappointed.


Deep Tissue and Extra Deep tissue is my expertise. Hope to see you back soon. Gracias


Date: March 24, 2016   By: SAUL in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Most therapist don't massage feet, scalp or abdomen and Tito covers all feet, scalp, legs, buttocks, chest, arms and he's the best LMT I've had. Yep, like Tito and others say's its not a body rub, its the real deal. Want to save time and money ? Try Tito first I promise you will be back. Great job Tito


Tito loves what he does for a living and appreciates the opportunity to make a difference in the well-being of others.

Thx for the great review :)


Date: March 18, 2016   By: CHIQUI in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went to Tito because of his great reviews. I arrived there with sciatica pain and lower back pain and left Tito's studio pain free and I could not believe it. I had better results with Tito than with my chiropractor and acupuncture doctor. Tito did some great massage techniques no one has done on me. He also did some massage cupping therapy which really made a big difference and the cupping therapy took care of my problem areas. Needless to say I'll be seeing Tito several times a month. Believe me and others who say he's the best. He truly is.


I was very happy to hear that when you left my studio you were pain free. Massage cupping therapy does wonders and I'm glad I'll be seeing you at a regular basis. Plz tell your friends about massage cupping therapy. They will thank you for it.
Thx for the awesome review.


Date: March 09, 2016   By: Todd in Boston, MA

Tito was very professional. Tito asked if I had any major surgeries or trigger points that he needed to know about. The room was clean and I enjoyed the heated table. He also mentioned to me about cupping, a technique I heard of which was different but good. I recommend it to anyone. Stretching was performed to. It was one of, if not, the best massages I had in a long time.


Glad to read it was one of the "Best" massages you had knowing that you have gotten many massage in your lifetime and your present partner is a Lmt. I'm very glad you enjoyed the cupping, deep tissue, and stretching. I would recommend you to google "benefits of cupping" and I'm sure you will make it a habit to get cupping as often as you can. I'm the only Therapist advertising massage cupping therapy on Masseurfinder and my clients love it. 
Thx for the great review